And if co-construction is at the heart of the business? And if letting go into the management of the company? "Club Makers" is the idea that it is by engaging all of its stakeholders that tomorrow's Club Med will emerge. It's a vision that guides the company's strategy by offering everyone the opportunity to own and participate in building the Club Med of tomorrow.


Elan Edelman created the visual identity of the "Club Makers" and worked on the structure and evolution of his participatory platform to generate greater co-construction through the creation of content by users.

We also pushed the concept a step further by creating and orchestrating the Open Codir: a world first in this journey towards a more transparent company. Club Med has for the first time opened its Club Med executive committee to as many customers as members by involving customers - via their testimonials - in the strategic decisions of the company.


Announced a year ago the Club Makers program is now a reality.

These are more than 200 ideas that have been produced by our customers through nearly 17,000 sessions on the platform.